5 Rules Of Properly Labeling Your Hazardous Waste Before Pickup


Labels are a huge deal when it comes to hazardous materials, and they are just as important when waste is ready for disposal pickup as they are at any other time. Take a look at five important rules to keep in mind about labeling your hazardous waste properly before it is picked up by the hazardous waste disposal service

Follow state and local guidelines for proper labeling procedures. 

First and foremost, you must make sure you are mindful of state and local guidelines when it comes to labeling hazardous waste before disposal. You should have a document to use as a guide on site that clearly gives you guidelines about what labels should be used, where they should be placed, and so forth. Refer to this guideline regularly when labeling your items for pickup. 

Make sure labels are clearly visible when they are placed for pickup. 

Follow guidelines about label placement on containers, but make sure the labels are clearly visible when they are placed in the holding area for pickup as well. Many clients stack their items or pile things in front of the items that are ready for pickup, but this can keep the labels from being clearly visible. 

Be sure you are writing the date on the labels with a permanent marker. 

Labels must be clearly dated when they are being prepared for pickup. This date can be incredibly important for some types of materials because they can grow more reactive the longer they sit in a container. Make sure you are using a permanent marker to date your containers so the date will not wear off after you put it in the container. 

Space out labels properly on containers with multiple labels. 

Some containers that house hazardous waste will actually need multiple labels, which will make it even more important that you are attentive to how you place the labels on containers. If labels are overlapping or not placed directly beside one another, it can cause problems for the disposal company because they won't be able to clearly see both labels. 

Discuss proper labeling with the hazardous waste disposal service. 

If you are ever unclear about how to do the proper labeling on your hazardous waste, don't forget that the disposal service can be a valuable resource for you. The professionals can offer you guidance and tips if you are having issues with understanding labeling regulations. 


30 November 2019

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