Cleaning Out A Hoarder's Home Using A Dumpster Rental


Cleaning up after a hoarder can be a nightmare. There are people who handle estates and whole house clean-outs professionally and there are times when the amount of stuff in the home amounts to a giant hoard of belongings. If you are responsible for managing an estate or you find yourself trying to take care of decades worth of hoarding, it's time to get a roll-off dumpster rental in place. You can choose from a variety of sizes, and this will depend on how much space you have for a dumpster to sit while taking into consideration how much stuff needs to be thrown away.

Getting Rid of the First Round of Trash

When dealing with a hoard, the first step is usually to get rid of the first round of obvious trash. Some hoarders love to collect newspapers, while others pile up clothing on every surface they can find. Once you identify the things that are trash, you need somewhere to throw it out. A dumpster rental placed close to the front door gives you somewhere to toss the trash you find without having to worry about it ever again. Once you remove the obvious trash from the home, you can begin to look more closely at other items.

Finding the Valuables

It may seem impossible that there are valuables hidden among the hoard, but it is always possible. Once you remove spoiled food items and trash from the home, you can begin to look for items that are valuable. Whether you know that the hoarder had a collection of jewelry somewhere in the home, or you are sure there are pieces of antique furniture, you will eventually find the items that should be saved or sold. 

Removing the Items You Want to Donate

In any hoard, you may find all kinds of useful items that no one around you actually needs. If you find an abundance of camping gear, or you find enough craft supplies for an entire school, find ways that you can donate the supplies so that they are put to good use. You can contact local agencies to see if they come and pick up donations, or bring donations directly to those you want to donate to.

When you have to clean out a big hoard, a dumpster rental makes the job easier. If you fill up the dumpster, you can have it emptied and brought back again. It gives you a way to remove trash safely from the home without having to haul it away yourself. Get started by reaching out to a company like XS Waste Transport.


17 July 2019

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