Sorting The Trash From The Treasures On Your Remodel Project


When undertaking a remodeling project, you will likely have a large amount of material that will need to be removed from the site. While renting a dumpster for debris and trash, why not consider bringing a container onto the site that will allow you to recycle some of the materials? Not everything you remove from the building is trash; here are some materials to consider recycling instead of throwing them away.

Copper pipes and wire

Many homes and buildings have copper pipes and wiring running throughout their structure. These pipes and wires can be removed and the material recycled but it needs to be separated from the other materials. Many rental companies have containers dedicated to copper that can be placed on your site and filled as you renovate the building.


Depending on the building, you may find a large amount of aluminum used in windows, doors, and even some wiring. The aluminum is recyclable so if you have a large amount of it, consider a container dedicated to all aluminum pieces. Be sure to sort the materials carefully because mixing in other materials could potentially cause the recycling company to reject the container. The dumpster rental company should be able to tell you what material is acceptable when they pick up the container.

Specialty Woods

There are many different things that can be removed and discarded from a home or building but there are some wood types that are sought after and can be recycled or reclaimed. Old homes tend to have special moldings and trim pieces that were handcrafted by craftsmen that are just too beautiful to throw away. The value in them is not the same as that of copper or aluminum but they can be very valuable to the right people. While these are likely not materials you want to have hauled away, you could still rent a small container to sort them into just be sure to communicate with everyone on the site that they are not trash.

Trash and Other Debris

There is going to be a lot of material stripped out of a building during your project that will not be recyclable so rent a container or dumpster for this material that can be filled as needed. Sorting out all the recyclable materials from the trash might be time consuming but in the end, it can be a great way to offset some costs on your project. Just be sure to talk to the dumpster rental company about the recycling options before you start so you know what needs to be separated and how it will be sold.

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18 November 2016

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