Creative Ways To Cut Down On Trash Disposal Costs


Garbage collection fees are a vital part of your home's maintenance budget. However, without proper planning, you could end up paying more to the trash collector. Here are a few tips to help you save money on garbage collection. 

Reduce your household waste

Carefully examining what goes into your garbage cans can help you figure out if you are wasteful and find ways to cut down on garbage production in the home. If there is a lot of food waste going into your trash, you can reduce the amount of groceries and other perishables you purchase on a weekly basis and be keener on food preservation.

Additionally, avoid buying a lot of packed goods and take your own reusable shopping bag to the grocery store so as to cut down on the plastic bags you dispose. You can even purchase groceries from your local farmer's market instead of the grocery store so as to reduce the packaging waste that goes into your trash.

To cut down on paper waste, consider requesting your utility companies to email bills to you instead of sending them through mail post. Other tiny actions such as reusing glass jars to serve drinks at a party instead of using disposable plastic cups or hosing down garbage cans instead of using numerous trash liners could cut down on your plastic waste output and help save you money on your garbage service. 

Start composting and recycling 

Disposing glass jars and bottles in your trash only makes the bin fill up faster while wasting precious recyclable resources. Place your glass waste in recycle bins on your sidewalk to save money on garbage disposal.

You can also take non-working gadgets such as mobile phones, laptop computers, and batteries to a repurposing center instead of hauling them into the trash bin. This will do the environment a lot of good and probably save you money on fines from trash services for placing toxic items in the trash.  Holding garage sales to clear out worn clothes, unused furniture, and unused plastic containers in your home can also help clear out the clutter.

Most of the waste in many homes usually comes from the kitchen. Composting leftovers, stale bread, vegetable pieces, and other kitchen waste in your yard can fertilize your garden while reducing what goes into the trash. Other decomposable items such as pizza boxes, shredded paper, and toilet paper rolls can also be dumped into the compost pit, along with garden waste such as leaves, twigs, and mulch. 

For more information, contact local professionals like Mountain Waste & Recycling.


10 November 2016

Focusing On Garbage Removal

After we started renovating our home, I realized that garbage removal was going to be a problem. We had piles of debris building up in every room of our home, and I needed to do something to stop it. I started going through and looking for a way to rent a dumpster, and I was able to find a company that offered the kinds of service we were looking for. This blog is here for any homeowner renovating their home to solve the age-old garbage removal problem. Check out these posts for more information on removing trash before it becomes an issue.