Storage Destruction And Garbage Removal: Clearing Your Units For New Leasees


When you own and operate a storage unit business, you want your units to remain clean and easy to rent to new leasees. You also want your rent money on time and your tenants to collect their things and get out when they let you know in advance that they are done with their storage units. What you do not want are units stuffed to the gills with personal belongings and units which appear to have been abandoned entirely. When that happens, destruction of your units is probable and garbage removal may be the only option. Here is how that looks and works to your advantage when you finally encounter that problem.

Getting No Rent for Months and No Response

Tenants who stop paying rent should receive weekly calls until they respond to your calls or until they send payment. If you get absolutely no response for months, you can serve an eviction notice for the storage units they have. Usually most people attempt to respond to this because they want their stuff back. When that does not work and no next of kin responds either, it is time to unlock the unit(s) and see what is inside.

Emptying the Unit

Sometimes you can sell or pawn the items in the abandoned units in order to recoup the money you would have made had the renter made his or her monthly payments. If there is really nothing of value present or if there is a massive mess inside, it all becomes garbage. Thankfully, garbage removal is simple enough with a dumpster rental. Just make sure that what you throw away you can legally throw away and not get fined for tossing it in the trash. Also, any large furniture items, such as chairs or couches, will need special tags and probably have their own specific disposal and pick-up dates assigned by the city in which your storage facility sits.

Sweeping, Washing, and Clearing out Cobwebs

Units that have been abandoned for some time are likely to have cobwebs on the outside as well as inside. Every surface inside the units has to be swept and/or washed if the leasee left behind liquids or sticky, oozing containers. After everything is cleaned and washed, the cobwebs and spider webs are removed with a nylon duster and then you are ready to rent the units out to the next customers who need it.


3 November 2016

Focusing On Garbage Removal

After we started renovating our home, I realized that garbage removal was going to be a problem. We had piles of debris building up in every room of our home, and I needed to do something to stop it. I started going through and looking for a way to rent a dumpster, and I was able to find a company that offered the kinds of service we were looking for. This blog is here for any homeowner renovating their home to solve the age-old garbage removal problem. Check out these posts for more information on removing trash before it becomes an issue.