Three Tips For Successfully Towing A Dump Trailer


Renting a dump trailer is a logical idea if you're preparing for a renovation and you'll be generating a significant amount of waste. The chief advantage of a dump trailer over different types of trailers is that when you reach the waste management facility, you can simply pull a lever and raise the trailer bed to jettison the waste; with other types, you'll have to actually empty the trailer manually. If you haven't previously towed a dump trailer, there's no need to feel uneasy about the process. Although it requires a little extra vigilance, there's no reason to think that you can't pull this off. Here are three tips for successfully towing your dump trailer.

Load The Trailer Evenly

When you're filling your dump trailer with waste, make sure that you distribute the waste evenly. This means that if you load something that's excessively heavy, such as some slabs of concrete or an old appliance, you should add something of a similar weight to the other side of the trailer. An evenly loaded dump trailer is easier to tow around corners, and if you find yourself on uneven ground, which might be possible at the dump, you'll be less likely to have the trailer tip over.

Attach The Cover

One of the simplest things you can do to tow your dump trailer safely can be done before you even leave your driveway. Try to rent a dump trailer that is equipped with a cover that can be unrolled from the front edge of the trailer and attached to the back edge with tie-downs. Attaching this cover helps maintain safety on the road because errant pieces of waste won't be able to fall out of the trailer and jeopardize the safety of other drivers. Additionally, because you know that your load is secure, you won't have to be constantly checking it -- which could distract you from the road ahead of you. If you can't get a trailer with a cover, use a large tarp and secure it with bungee cords affixed to the trailer's frame.

Start Braking Sooner

A major adjustment that you'll encounter upon hauling a dump trailer -- especially when it's full of waste -- is that it will take your vehicle longer to stop than usual. It's important that you keep this law of physics in mind as you approach intersections, other vehicles and even turns in the road. It's a little frightening to brake too late and realize that you're having trouble getting slowed down, so start to get in the habit right away of getting off the gas and onto the brake before you think that you need to.

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23 February 2016

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