Three Topics To Discuss When You're Planning To Rent A Dumpster


When you're gearing up for a major renovation project at home, it's important to give some consideration to how you'll haul away the waste from the project. Taking repeated trips to your local dump can waste a significant amount of time and, if you're disposing of heavy items, can also cost you a lot of money in dumping fees. A smarter option is to think about renting a dumpster. Your local waste-management company has several sizes of dumpsters available for household uses and will arrange a drop-off and pick-up at your convenience. When you're speaking to a rental rep on the phone, it's helpful to cover these three topics. 

Availability Of Sizes

The average homeowner can't realistically expect to know which size of dumpster to rent for the intended project -- after all, it's difficult to predict the volume of waste that you'll generate during a full bathroom renovation, for example. However, you can evaluate the dumpster rental company's helpfulness by talking to the rental agent about the home project that you'll be tackling and then asking which size of dumpster would be most appropriate to rent. For example, a dumpster that holds 15 cubic yards is generally recommended for a large home renovation project. Renting a smaller one can result in you filling the container before the job is done while renting a larger one isn't a cost-effective idea.

Prohibited Items

Before you confirm your rental, it's valuable to know which items won't be permitted to place in the dumpster. During many renovation and home-cleaning projects, you'll encounter things that require an alternate arrangement for disposal. Hazardous waste materials such as paint, oil, batteries other similar items are typically prohibited from being placed in the dumpster. The company might also specify that it doesn't want yard waste such as tree stumps, too. While municipal regulations might play a role in what items can't be included, each company has its own policy in this regard. As such, it's important to cover this topic.

Dumpster Cleanliness

Don't make the mistake of assuming that the dumpster you'll be renting will be unclean because it's designed to hold waste. A dirty dumpster will smell and attract flies, which will annoy both you and your neighbors. Confirm that the company thoroughly cleans out its dumpsters before renting them. This is a practice that professional companies adopt and it's important to determine that your dumpster will be clean when it arrives.

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3 February 2016

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